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OPEL – OBDII Service Intervals Reset Tool


Product Description:

This device is a inspection service and oil service reset tool designed for OPEL vehicles with the standard 16-pin OBDII socket.


Major Functions:

To reset the Inspection/Oil Service Intervals:-

1. 15.000 km (1 Year Service).

2. 15.000 km (2 Years Service).

3. 30.000 km (2 Years Long life Service).


Compatible Vehicles:

OPEL Astra built after 1998;

Zafira built after 1998;

Corsa built after 2000.

(Note:  Will not work on CAN-BUS protocol!!).


Operating Instruction:

1.        Just plug the tool into the vehicle’s 16-pin OBDII socket and all LEDs will blink and then stay on.

2.        Turn ignition key to enable the on board electronics but no need to start engine.

3.        Press shortly on the button for the operation that you want to perform, the relevant LED will light up and the rest will be off.

4.        All LEDs will perform a light chain when the reset is done.

5.        Unplug the tool and store it in dry area for future use.


Package Includes:

1x Reset Tool