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Price: £499.99 (£599.99 inc. V.A.T.)

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RUGGED 8.4" TOUCHSCREEN- Refurbished

Ultra-rugged magnesium alloy case - not plastic abs


Wifi,  Bluetooth, Built-in GPS, Pen, Speaker + Mic, SD Memory expansion, Pcmcia slot

Anti-glare matt tft screen + sunshade, Hand strap, Yoke mount, Easel table stand,

12-28Volt adapter, 240 volt adapter, Full Pilot Flight case,

Rugged side bumpers - ready for hard knocks...

More specification to follow.......

Available from November/December 2010


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Readers Digest to right & 4.3" GPS to left !!!

This Tablet PC comes pre-loaded with Windows CE. This is a very user friendly scaled-down version of a full-scale
system like XP. Just look at the screen image below - you immediately feel at home in the Windows environment,
containing all the territory you are already familiar with in XP - like Windows  Desktop,  Internet  Explorer for the
Internet, Inbox for mail, Media player, Control Panel etc etc.

This is a rugged tablet that is built to take the rough and tumble of hard use. The entire shell is made of super-strong
magnesium alloy composite material, not bog-standard plastic like 99% of slate tablets that you will find. Supplied
with built-in industry standard Cisco wifi, and Bluetooth interface, ultra-strong hard toughened glass screen, which
will withstand rugged use.


Removable bumpers !

On-screen keyboard !

Extendable wifi antenna....

Ebay at your fingertips !

The depth of the sunshade can to trimmed to suit.
Yoke-mounted user will want it shallower, whilst rotary winged pilots will
prefer it as deep as above picture.

12volt and 240volt adapters.