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Essential piece of kit for the user requiring a laptop that will withstand the rough and tumble of a harsh environment.. Whether it be for car diagnostics in a garage or by a mobile mechanic, for off road rallying or track-side ECU Remapping, for Marine navigation, uses on Oil Rigs, or Mining ....the Toughbook CF-27 is one of the toughest , meanest kids on the block.  Built like the proverbial brick s**t house, ugly as hell, will not win any beauty contests, wears the scars of numerous battles with crowbars, hammers and railway-sized spanners with pride.....

But will always be your staunch ally, always ready to work for you, and never let you down. VERY RUGGED MAGNESIUM ALLOY CASING ALL ROUND.

Treat this laptop as a friend, and you can still expect years of faithful service out of this one ! Fully refurbished, tested and fully functional.
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Intel Pentium II - 300Mhz,  160MB memory, 6.4GB hard drive, Floppy Drive, RS232 (Serial) , 56k Modem, 12.5" Standard screen, USB 1.1. 240 volt Power Supply with UK mains cable, English (US) Keyboard. 90-day warranty Return to Base.  Supplied for use from the 240 volts mains (12 volt car / boat adapters available from this site) as battery must re regarded as exhausted, although the majority do hold charge. Windows 2000 Pro.