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Garmin Mobile PC Sat Nav Software Only

Price: £55.00 (£66.00 inc. V.A.T.)

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Have you ever seen Sat-Nav on a huge 14.1 inch screen? Well, it is simply incredible!!!  The picture is so big, you actually spend 80% less time looking at the screen, as all it takes is a quick glance to re-orientate yourself. And turn by turn voice prompts as well.

Garmin Mobile PC gives travellers an easy and inexpensive way to get more from a device they already own – their laptop. Garmin Mobile PC features the same easy-to-use “Where to?” & “View map”   interface found on the top-of-the-range Garmin nüvi and StreetPilot. With a few clicks, motorists can quickly search and route to addresses or nearly six million points of interest like restaurants, hotels, attractions, petrol stations and more. In addition, drivers can navigate to Outlook contacts stored on their laptop.  Garmin Mobile PC offers much more than traditional trip planning. Users can use their laptop to receive turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions to their destination, similar to Garmin’s traditional portable navigation devices. If a turn is missed along the way, Garmin Mobile PC will automatically recalculate the route and get them back on track.



Thanks to the route shaping feature, users can select specific roads they want to travel and customize their route to avoid certain roads and geographic areas. Drivers wanting to keep track of their previous route can utilize the track log feature and see an electronic bread crumb trail that shows exactly where they travelled. Garmin Mobile PC also includes a trip computer to automatically record trip data.

Garmin Mobile PC provides free access to Garmin Online services. This real-time, internet data service simplifies trip planning by providing live weather, Cyclops™ safety camera data, traffic by TrafficMaster in the UK and other TMC suppliers in European countries where servers and coverage is available.