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Real Time OBDII 24 Hour Data Recorder

Think of it as a BLACKBOX for cars

Great for intermittent problems

Don’t let intermittent problems get in the way of your  profits.
Invest in the CDDR today.
Suitable for all Petrol cars from 2001 - 2010
Suitable for all Diesel cars from 2004 - 2010

The CDDR is a revolutionary device that records and stores the entire OBDII data stream in a 24 hour continuous loop.
That means 24 hours of drive time. In addition to recording and storing the OBDII data stream, the CDDR also captures
DTC and Freeze Frame data. In a garage, where time is truly money,
the CDDR is an invaluable tool in assisting in the diagnosis of intermittent problems.
Plug the Car Diagnostic Data Recorder into your customers and charge a deposit on its safe return.
Your customer takes the car away for 24 hours and drives around
Your customer returns the car, you remove the CDDR and plug into laptop
Now read all those intermittent faults whilst the customer had the car


  • Plug-and-play tool with compact design

  • Automatic data recording

  • Display live data stream

  • Records codes as they happen

  • Records all essential data on a 24 hour continuous loop

  • User friendly interface and clear display of data

  • Review the captured data in graph form or list form

  • Time and date stamp providing fast access to only the data you need

  • Remote diagnosis via CDDR software

Supported Protocols:

  • OBDII:ISO9141

  • SAEJ1850VPW

  • SAEJ1850PWM

  • EOBD:ISO14230 KPW

  • CANBUS:ISO15765